About Us

Zirconium Research Corp. was established by Storm McCracken, CEO and president, primarily to supply Hi-temp alloy manufacturers and steel companies with high quality feed stocks and gettering materials of zirconium, titanium and niobium. In doing this, we also provided the nuclear & chemical equipment industries with higher return alternatives for their new production scrap and by products.

With the acquisition of Martin Zuckerman Co. Inc. of Baltimore MD, Zirconium Research is uniquely positioned to offer our customers the best service, with state of the art analyzing equipment. Our facilities are modern and efficient with alloy sorting, sizing, cutting, shearing, pressing and cleaning capabilities.

We are located in Albany, OR USA, (Sometimes called the rare metal capital of the US) and have established close ties to the refractory metal industries located here. Because of our experience with zirconium and titanium's special properties, we can recommend procedures, where manufacturers can safely reduce waste and increase the bottom line.

New applications for zirconium & titanium alloys are developing almost daily. Zirconium Research Corp. is capable of working with a manufacturer to help maximize the return on new production scrap. Be it fabricated parts or machine turnings, with over 30 years of experience Zirconium Research Corp. has the equipment and the expertise to get the most for your revert. Zirconium Research Corp. is able to offer very competitive pricing after a representative and qualifying sample is submitted and verified.


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